Marchetti Fine Art strives to bring the art world the message and spirit of Excellence in Fine Art for the Collector, Artist and Consultant.

  • Respecting the collector's investment
  • Handling the artist works with dignity
  • Committing as a consultant to enhance the collector's environment and
    support the artist integrity.


Art is Courage

It takes a lifetime of experience to create a significant work of art. That is an act of courage itself.

However, the act of living with an individual work of art requires courage as well. In the performing or literary arts the viewer/reader is able to leave the theater or close the book. In the world of visual arts the emotional challenge and bond is constant.

The collector is courageous in selecting a work that is a daily reminder of a realm of emotions. Art is the courage of observing oneself more deeply.


Art is Emotion

When a work of art triggers some emotion, anger, romance, hate, despair, joy, and love then the artist has succeeded.

Marchetti Fine Arts has traveled the world to discover works (in most cases never seen before in North America) by painters and sculptors who not only have tremendous talent and experience but also share the common quality of creating from honesty.

Without a firm or an individual committed to the concept of passion, power and familiarity for the arts much of the world's greatest work would never be available to challenge and enrich humanity.


Art is History

There would be no record of the past without arts. Pictures came before words in the caves of early man. Hence, our earliest historical records are the art.

Art depicts and documents; expresses political or spiritual statements and enlivens a cause.

Art represents man's curiosity about the universe around him. The visual arts provide a living saga of the human struggle on an individual and global scale.

Art is an open window that can saturate each of us with beauty and hope while offering encouragement and inspiration but always stimulating the senses.


Art is Personal

Our goal is accomplished when the observer relates an artist's work to his own life.

It may be a nostalgic memory or a reminder of another place and time.

An artist's work may enhance, enlighten, mesmerize or even wound the observer. Regardless, ART is to the individual collector what DNA is to each human being - unique and personal.

Marchetti Fine Arts

leslie marchetti

"Without art,
there would be no history"
S. Leslie Marchetti
Uniting the Soul of the Artist
with the Collector's Heart ...